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Terrific Toddler Book Series

Finally, the books that have toddlers saying “ah, they get me!” and their parents saying, “so THAT’s how it’s done!”

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JoJo likes to run fast, until she falls down and bumps her chin. JoJo’s daddy tries to help fix her boo-boo, but JoJo is as scared of the treatment as she is of the boo-boo itself. Daddy helps JoJo understand that boo-boos happen, and then they get better.

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It’s hard for toddlers to say goodbye sometimes, especially to Mommy and Daddy! JoJo, Ava, Kai and Jack’s Mommies and Daddies know just how to help their toddlers cope with this truly hard situation.

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Ava, Kai, and JoJo are playing with their toys at school, but they aren’t ready to share and take turns. Their teacher helps them take ownership of their things, so they can better navigate this tricky time in their development en route to learning how to take turns and share.

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JoJo, Kai, Jack and Ava are all learning to use the potty! This reassuring book about learning to use the potty shares many stages of physical and emotional potty readiness that are each terrific steps forward in their own right and reassures toddlers and parents alike that we all use the potty when we're ready!

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Toddlers love going to the grocery store! ...Except when they don't! JoJo, Jack, Ava and Kai all go on the same day but have four very different experiences. Here's a book for toddlers (and their parents, too) about the adventure that is the Grocery Store!


What does it mean to get a haircut? JoJo, Jack and Kai don't quite know–they just know they don't want them! See JoJo's and Jack's  mommies and Kai's daddy  help them navigate their haircuts in this reassuring book for toddlers who may have fears about the process.


Jack's first day of preschool is here! What will happen there? Will he like it?  Join Jack as his mommy and his teacher help him adjust to this major addition to his life in this reassuring book for toddlers about the sorts of activities they will encounter at preschool.

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The impending arrival of a new sibling can be confusing and emotionally challenging for a toddler, who doesn't know what the changes will mean. In this book, Kai learns of and goes through the addition of a new baby to the family and is assured throughout that his Mommy and Daddy still love him as much as ever. New Baby! is written to help toddlers expecting a new sibling navigate this very major transition in their lives.

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Sometimes toddlers don't want to go, even when the next place or activity will be fun as well. Certainly, Ava, JoJo and Jack do not! Luckily, their Mommies and Daddies help them manage the transitions the toddlers do not wish to make. This is a book for toddlers about having to stop what they're doing...but seeing that they're OK — the place or activity will be there for them next time! 

The Books in the Terrific Toddlers ​Series

Share the Following Elements
Curious Girl

Story Structure That Includes:

  • A scenario that toddlers easily recognize, understand and relate to.

  • A storyline with tension and resolution.

  • A lyrical and rhythmic cadence that captures and holds attention.

In the Playground


  • In an entertaining way presents and names the real emotions that every toddler feels when facing the everyday issues of critical importance to him/her.

  • Illuminates for the adult reader both the level of comprehension and the emotional experience of the toddler.

  • Models for the adult reader helpful and practical responses.



That is simple, clear and toddler-friendly while still satisfying for the adult reading the book aloud.

An Adorable Coterie of Central Characters.

Meet JoJo and her friends, Jack, Ava and Kai! They're grandiose and yet oh-so-small, both at once. They've got strong opinions...even with their limited words. They can leap tall buildings (made of blocks) in a single bound...usually when past their point of exhaustion. All fully unique little people in their own right, each loveably recognizeable and relatable, JoJo and her friends are resourceful, their minds ever whirring as they take on their world with all they’ve got.

Family Time

End Notes for Adults!

Each book has a final page with end notes that explain to parents, caregivers, and all the adults in a toddler’s life just exactly what is happening developmentally at this moment in the toddler’s life as it relates to the subject of the book, why the book unfolds as it does...and optimal ways to approach such day-to-day toddler dramas with the toddler at the center of their world.

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